Saturday, 1 March 2014

Space Week!

Monday morning arrives and the first thing I am asked by 'W' is, "Is it Space Week?"
"Yes W, this week is SPACE WEEK!!"

Everyone was eager to explore the spaceship we had created in the space under the stairs. Little E was first up at the controls!

Little 'E' and 'L' looked out the window to see what planets they could spot "we're going to that planet!!" exclaimed W pointing to one of them.

Our after schoolers joined in the fun too, finding the dressing up clothes. It was a bit too small for him though so they shared the outfit between them

We worked very hard on a Jetpack, W spent a long time placing these flame stickers in the correct place so they looked like flames coming from the engines!

Little 'E' helped with some mark making of her own

W had the first turn, he was off! Exploring the galaxy!

Later in the week we had another visit from our neighbors at Worms Eye View. We make some Moon Sand to go in a Sensory Tray with all sorts of space themed bits to explore.

We spoke about the different planets, W recognised Earth straight away, looking closely "we don't live in that bit" he said pointing to the blue areas of the little model "That's right that blue part is the sea!" I replied.

All the children had lots of fun with the Moon Sand, scooping and tipping it into containers, hiding planets and stars under the sand

 After some focused time Little Astronaut E decided it was her turn with the Jetpack!

She enjoyed it so much we made another one later in the week so they could have one each!

E is still working on that pincer grasp, occasionally changing back to the full handed grasp but much less often!

A different Sensory Tray to explore later in the week. This time we used various beans, the stars, planets and containers. I found a couple of tubes and W had great fun grabbing handfuls of the beans and posting them down the tubes, listening to the sounds as they popped out the bottom and scattered back into the tray.
E was enjoying another opportunity to gather! I found her a couple more containers to fill and pour the beans between them.

We also spent some time watching Youtube clips of rockets taking off, I showed the after schoolers the webpage and pictures of an enormous crater in Arizona, that I visited as a child. Scientists believe this crater could be from the meteor which killed off the dinosaurs! I told them about the rock in the middle, you could just about see it in the pictures, "That rock is actually the size of a 4 bedroom house" I told them, "now can you imagine how big that crater actually is?!"

We have had great fun this week exploring aspects of space!

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