Thursday, 14 April 2011

Big Day out at the Woods!!

Spent another day with Wormseye View today, we had 7 children between us so thought it would be best to get everyone out the house! So where better than getting out into nature with a bit of bug hunting a tree climbing added to the mix!!

First up a quick picnic lunch to build up everyones energy!
Found a den for some exploring!

We counted the rings on a tree which had been cut down, talked about how each ring represented a year of growth. And also possible reasons for it having been cut down! Maybe the other trees near by needed more room, or for making homes for bugs...?

Then we made a fairy house in a stump of an old tree, talked about the story of the earth children, how everything is waking up in spring to make the flowers bloom and the trees grow

The Bluebells are out at the moment, it's a beautiful carpet covering the floor
Then lots of tree climbing!!!

Everyone had a really lovely day and we had 7 worn out children by the end of it! I think we'll definately be making more trips there as we head towards summer!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Weddings and pictures!!

Next news on the house move...? Not until the end of May :-(
It was going to be end of Aril but the current tennants don't want to move out yet so we have to wait another month. Bit of a disapointment but it will make things financially easier, so as my sister-in-law would say, everything happens for a reason!!

But back to what we've been up to!! We spent some time last week with Wormseye-View joining in her theme on princes and princesses and the up comming royal wedding!!

First we dressed up William and Kate...lots of different outfits to try!
Then finished by some dressing up of ourselves! What a pretty Princess!

This week we've been looking at some shapes, I managed to get this Melissa and Doug Geometric Shape Picture maker for a bargin at a local car boot.
It was lovely watching 'I' making her picture, I was helping her a bit talking about the next shape that we need, her understanding is amazing at just 21 months she was going straight to the next colour I asked for and then putting it in the right place
It took 'C' a little longer to get involved in this activety but once 'I' and I had settled at the table he wanted to come join in...then I could hardly get him away from this activety for the rest of the afternoon! He was asking me to take pictures of his creations each time he completed one!

After all this focused creativety we noticed it has started raining outside and as miserable as it makes us adults....
....the kids love it!!
They were outside splashing around for ages, it was really lovely to watch