Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Time!!

Another Christmas has come and gone so quickly in a blur of too much food, endless wrapping paper, children, families, games and more food....

I spent a lot of the morning thinking back to last year, how cold and snowy it was, out walking the dog first thing it hardly seemed like Christmas at all! We stayed over at 'The In-laws' on Christmas eve and woke up to all this.....!!
It looked like Santa hadn't forgotten us....even though I had been telling the children we're to old for Santa to visit us any more!
J has been smelling this prezzie round the house for a week, it's from one of my mums and she LOVED it!!
Even Popcorn got some yummy treats!

J having a lazy cuddle with Brendan while he played on his new 3DS
hehe oh the things we do to our animals......
These were my crochet Zombie-Bots that I made for my nephews, they are the FIRST crochet project I've ever done and I'm so happy how they turned out....except I think their legs are a bit small.....
But the boys seemed to like them so I was happy!
Sitting down to eat....all 14 of us!

After an amazing meal we headed off to my parents, just a few miles down the road but I never remember to take any photos when were there!! Every Christmas, Birthday or other celebration but swiss cheese that my brain is it never happens!! :-(
But we had a lovely evening none the less, lots of games, yes MORE food and a few drinkies, such a lovely day!

Hope you all had an amazing day with friends and family, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Get your head in the telly this Christmas!!

It's the first day of the Christmas holidays!! Just a few days left to the big day and I'm so excited! Nephews are off school and I've got just 2 more days of work then can look forward spending time with friends and family, playing with new toys, playing games and all being together!

We kicked off the holidays by getting out heads in a telly....

Lots of little hands working away at screws, plugs, pulling at wires and buttons. It was great fun, we used the internet to find out what some of the parts did.....

...and even started to make something new!

Next we moved on to a little science experiment I've wanted to try for AGES!!
Dancing gloop!!! I love it, it's been coming up on Pinterest for a couple of weeks so when we showed Brendan some films on You Tube it was a must try!!

First off you need to the get the mix right, it needs to be slightly thicker than you would make a normal gloop recipe. Then we had to find something that would vibrate enough, we tried some speakers but they weren't powerful enough so we got a power saw out and it worked brilliantly!!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Getting in the Christmas Spirit

I loved the idea of these hand and foot Christmas Trees, really quick and easy to make, not to mention really cute!

I found these lovely huge oranges on the market and we got to decorating! We used skewers to make the holes first and then put the cloves in

After the children all went home Georgia and I headed to a local German Christmas Market for some shopping and to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Welcome New Little Starter!!

I'd like to welcome little 'C' to my setting!
He's just under one year old and soooooo full of energy! He loves to be outside so we go to the park most days and we have lots of treasure baskets to explore
Errrrm.... gardening to 'help' me with....
...ummm animals to play with...or just empty the bedding hay....
I made this buttoning snake which Isabelle is modelling beautifully. 'C' hasn't shown much interest in this yet but he is still a little young
And some sensory boards, I'll add to these over time but these are a start. There are buttons, shells, bubble wrap, sandpaper, string, stones and some 'Waxy-Doodles' made by my lovely other half.

I also have the beginnings to some discovery bottles but I have SOOOOO many ideas I want to have a good set before bloging about them all in one go!

So a big welcome to little 'C', I'm looking forward to all the play time we have in the months to come!!!