Sunday, 4 December 2011

Welcome New Little Starter!!

I'd like to welcome little 'C' to my setting!
He's just under one year old and soooooo full of energy! He loves to be outside so we go to the park most days and we have lots of treasure baskets to explore
Errrrm.... gardening to 'help' me with....
...ummm animals to play with...or just empty the bedding hay....
I made this buttoning snake which Isabelle is modelling beautifully. 'C' hasn't shown much interest in this yet but he is still a little young
And some sensory boards, I'll add to these over time but these are a start. There are buttons, shells, bubble wrap, sandpaper, string, stones and some 'Waxy-Doodles' made by my lovely other half.

I also have the beginnings to some discovery bottles but I have SOOOOO many ideas I want to have a good set before bloging about them all in one go!

So a big welcome to little 'C', I'm looking forward to all the play time we have in the months to come!!!

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  1. love those boards! What a fabby idea! C really is a little monkey! so much Character! Love him xx