Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chasing Trains!!!

Little baby 'A' is getting more and more mobile it's so exciting!!

He's 'commando crawling' and can get up on all fours but not quite yet getting together the co-ordination to properly crawl, so I'm providing lots of opportunities to get those limbs all working together!

Placing toys in 'hard to reach' spots to encourage some climbing
enticing him with things just out of reach
Both boys just LOVE my dog J and she's so good with them too, it's always an incentive to go see what she's up to! (The above picture is little 'C')

Then we have the always popular CHASE THE TRAIN!
it's going....

oh nearly caught it!!

haha GOT IT!!
umm yea....not so interesting now...until....
we're off again!!!

We did have lots of giggles this morning with this game!!

Monday, 16 April 2012

Planting Seeds

It's gotten to the time of year that seeds need planting and the garden needs preparing!

I've been working on my veg bed for a while now, the raspberrys are in (although a little late so I'm not sure we'll get much success from them), carrots and onions are sown and the strawberries are getting stronger!

I planted some Sunflowers on behalf of my 2 boys about a month ago and they are going strong

But I thought it would be nice to have something they could take home so I had a little rummage in my *overflowing*seed box and thought some cucumbers might be quite nice!

Baby 'A' had a lovely time exploring the mud

...giving it a taste

...didn't quite get the idea of putting it in the pot hehe

...but very interesting texture to explore!

Then it was little 'C's turn!!

He understood a little bit more about putting it in the pot
...and then promptly poured it out again!
He just couldn't resist giving it a little taste either....and then thought it was very funny to tip it all over the floor!

We had a lovely morning exploring this new brown stuff, it's smell, taste and texture, next month we need to some gourds and pumpkins so we can explore it all over again!!