Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Another Nature Walk!

Little 'C' did so well on our last nature walk we thought we would go out again but without a buggy for him! Baby 'A' was with us today too.

Off we go!!

First up a bit of tree climbing!!

ooooo there is something in the sky!!

hummm whats over there...??

oh prickly grass
Caught you!!!!!

Lots of different grasses

...and bugs!!
A little bug!!

hay hang on, it went up my shorts!!!
Little 'C' hitched a ride on the way home, it was a very big walk for little legs!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Happy Birthday Baby!!

Baby 'A' turns one today!!

We had a lovely birthday lunch joined by, I do love little 'C's bib/cape!!

A birthday lunch fit for a prince!

And don't forget Popcorn who enjoyed clearing up after us all!!

mmmmmm little 'L' enjoyed her food

Time for birthday cake!

Little 'C' most definitely enjoyed that chocolate cake!

Time for some prezzies!! What a lucky boy

Everyone having a nice play!