Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Today we went to visit.....


Just little 'C' today so we decided to get out the house for a change of scenery and see what Pip had to play with today!

 Lots of dinosaurs!!

We made some 'leeks' ready for a St David's day card for mummy! This was a lovely idea of Pippa's; you take a piece of kitchen roll, fold it in half and cut slices half way along the side. So then when it's rolled up there are lots of slices just like the top of a leek!! It's then dipped into some watered down food colouring and left to dry on a radiator until you are ready to make a card!
We're just starting to get the hang of making marks with pens and pencils!! (We finished off the card a couple of days later, hence the 'magic' change of clothes!)

We finished off the day helping to make the bara brith all ready for the following day...just a shame we didn't get to help in the eating!! Maybe next time...

Little 'C' had a lovely time as lack of transport means we rarely get out to different places, but thank you Pippa for letting us come to play!

Saturday, 18 February 2012

What's been going on...!

It was half term last week and as one of my mums is a teacher I had an easy week. So do I decide to relax...? Work on a bit of my diploma...? Nope, I decided to start a spring clean!!

Got a bit of a cleaning bug so to speak, started in the kitchen and I wish I had taken pictures.....well actually you probably wouldn't want to see them.... but I feel much better now it's done!

Then moved on to the living room, I've needed to have a sort of my resources for a while, but as with any of these things it always gets worse before it gets better
This was actually at a medium point, it did get worse than this, but now.....
Order has been restored!! I've been through every one of the draws, all my art supplies, those who know me will not be surprised to hear I was sat on the floor cross legged sorting through little pots of sequins, beads, squares of tissue paper, rice and pasta to have it all organised. They are now sorted in baby food jars...not yet labelled....... hummm I need to invest in a label maker soon.  But now I know it's organised I'm actually sleeping better, very much an OCD sufferer. Although I don't really see it as suffering, it all makes perfect sense to me!

Also arrived last week is my potato pack!!
I actually forgot I had signed up to this! I think I found it in September/October last year, free packs of potatoes for schools and early years settings. I need to get them chitting from 1st March and then planted out by the middle of the month (advance warnings to mums your children may be pooing compost after that day with me!!). Then when we harvest in June we can weigh our crop and enter a competition to win some children's garden furniture!

My garden needs a LOT of work to be ready for this year, we moved in to the house in May so it was too late to really get much growing and the soil is soooo sandy as well. So we bought some soil improver, lots and lots of manure basically, dug it all over and left it to settle. So this year (budget willing) there will be exciting things happening (along with the potatoes)!!

Little update on baby 'A'; he joined me beginning of January at 7 months old, not yet sitting and just about rolling himself over...well what a difference 6 weeks makes!!
The little monkey just doesn't stay still now! If he's not wedging himself in doorways or trying to roll into the dog bed he's eating my post or sucking on my slippers (sounds tasty I know)! It's not going to be long before this one is crawling, he pushing up on his hands and almost getting his knees underneath him but not getting the two together yet but it wont be long!! We've got some interesting babbling noises coming from him too these days, just at the end of last week he was getting the hang of moving his hand over his mouth while saying 'ahhhhhhhh' to make different sounds. He's got a new trick most weeks!

Little 'C' is really thriving too it's so lovely to watch and be a part of.
He's walking (if not a little wobbly) everywhere now and loving the new level of independence it has brought to him. Each day he arrives I get the biggest smiles from him as he's so happy to see me and come play!

Next week we're starting a new little theme on 'Colours'!
I've noticed 'C' has started to focus on objects a little more, he is feeling things with his fingers and looking closely rather than exploring everything with his mouth. So to keep promoting this I've very quickly (and cheaply) painted some baby food jars and lolly pop sticks for a little sorting game
And also set up a little area for looking at and sorting a variety of objects
I'll be quite surprised if he does anything other than dump all this on the floor and try to climb on the table (yes he's a climber too) but if I can hold his attention and talk about some of the colours and introduce some new words that will be a job well done for me!