Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Today we went to visit.....


Just little 'C' today so we decided to get out the house for a change of scenery and see what Pip had to play with today!

 Lots of dinosaurs!!

We made some 'leeks' ready for a St David's day card for mummy! This was a lovely idea of Pippa's; you take a piece of kitchen roll, fold it in half and cut slices half way along the side. So then when it's rolled up there are lots of slices just like the top of a leek!! It's then dipped into some watered down food colouring and left to dry on a radiator until you are ready to make a card!
We're just starting to get the hang of making marks with pens and pencils!! (We finished off the card a couple of days later, hence the 'magic' change of clothes!)

We finished off the day helping to make the bara brith all ready for the following day...just a shame we didn't get to help in the eating!! Maybe next time...

Little 'C' had a lovely time as lack of transport means we rarely get out to different places, but thank you Pippa for letting us come to play!

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  1. Was wonderful to have you all over and would love it if you could come play more! Glad you had fun and we are actually still working our way through that cake lol!