Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Nature Walks and Bugs!!

Today I've had a bit of 1:1 time with little 'C', he doesn't often get me to himself so I thought we would do his favorite thing....go out for a walk!

At just 15 months it's amazing how much he wants to walk.

We went out to a local field where I often go to walk the dog but it's hard when I have both boys as it's a bit too off the road for my double but just little 'C' and I packed a bag of drinks and snacks and went off for an adventure!

he had a little break for a drink and snack looking at the flowers around us

When we got back home little 'C' went off for a quick nap to recharge while I set up a little playscape for him to explore!

We were so busy playing with it I forgot to get any pictures! But we had a lovely time walking the bugs up and down the logs and over stones, definitely one I will bring out again in the future!