Monday, 19 December 2011

Get your head in the telly this Christmas!!

It's the first day of the Christmas holidays!! Just a few days left to the big day and I'm so excited! Nephews are off school and I've got just 2 more days of work then can look forward spending time with friends and family, playing with new toys, playing games and all being together!

We kicked off the holidays by getting out heads in a telly....

Lots of little hands working away at screws, plugs, pulling at wires and buttons. It was great fun, we used the internet to find out what some of the parts did.....

...and even started to make something new!

Next we moved on to a little science experiment I've wanted to try for AGES!!
Dancing gloop!!! I love it, it's been coming up on Pinterest for a couple of weeks so when we showed Brendan some films on You Tube it was a must try!!

First off you need to the get the mix right, it needs to be slightly thicker than you would make a normal gloop recipe. Then we had to find something that would vibrate enough, we tried some speakers but they weren't powerful enough so we got a power saw out and it worked brilliantly!!


  1. Yesterday was soooo much fun!!!!

  2. Wow that is wild dancing goop! Thank you for the link on my blog to the lovely letter exchange between mother and daughter.