Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Time!!

Another Christmas has come and gone so quickly in a blur of too much food, endless wrapping paper, children, families, games and more food....

I spent a lot of the morning thinking back to last year, how cold and snowy it was, out walking the dog first thing it hardly seemed like Christmas at all! We stayed over at 'The In-laws' on Christmas eve and woke up to all this.....!!
It looked like Santa hadn't forgotten us....even though I had been telling the children we're to old for Santa to visit us any more!
J has been smelling this prezzie round the house for a week, it's from one of my mums and she LOVED it!!
Even Popcorn got some yummy treats!

J having a lazy cuddle with Brendan while he played on his new 3DS
hehe oh the things we do to our animals......
These were my crochet Zombie-Bots that I made for my nephews, they are the FIRST crochet project I've ever done and I'm so happy how they turned out....except I think their legs are a bit small.....
But the boys seemed to like them so I was happy!
Sitting down to eat....all 14 of us!

After an amazing meal we headed off to my parents, just a few miles down the road but I never remember to take any photos when were there!! Every Christmas, Birthday or other celebration but swiss cheese that my brain is it never happens!! :-(
But we had a lovely evening none the less, lots of games, yes MORE food and a few drinkies, such a lovely day!

Hope you all had an amazing day with friends and family, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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  1. The boys loved their Zombies and we were all very impressed! Well done you and Thanks! Was great spending Christmas with you all!!