Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween Fun

I 'borrowed' a little one today for some Halloween fun, I just couldn't resist, it's one of my favourite times of year!

Got the house decorated, spooky mice running along the wondows and cobwebs all over the front door!

Hehe tickly feet painting! We made them into spooky ghosts!

Quick break for a drink from our Halloween mugs and some Pumkin shaped yummy jellys
Next we dug out the cookie cutters and did some halloween stamps!

Next we had to get some chocolates ready for the trick or treaters! We were going out to spend the evening with our nephews, so we decided to just leave a bowl outside the house. The estate I live on was previously US Army housing, they've gradually sold off some of the houses but there are still a lot of Americans around the estate so we knew we'd get a lot of visitors!

Georgia had a great idea to cover the sweets in gloop and jelly so our trick or treaters would get a little messy lol
We couldn't resist having a little play with the left overs! You have to love gloop!

All that in just a morning!! It was great fun but it was time to head over to see our nephews for an afternoon and evening of Halloween fun! Check out what we got up to at http://wormseye-view.blogspot.com/.

Hope you all had a Happy Spooky Halloween!!

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