Thursday, 6 March 2014

Trip to the Garden Centre

Today we decided to pop to the Garden Centre! We wanted to have a look at some plants and flowers and allow the children to choose some seeds they would like to grow this year.

We started in the outside area looking at the fences, trellis, sheds, water butts and compost bins. The children had lots of questions about the things we found which we answered as best we could!

The bird baths and garden ornaments held the children's attention for sometime. The children all told us the names of animals they knew, they petted the dogs and giggled at the monkeys, dipped fingers in the water and told us it was "Cold"!!

We found some flowers and spoke about which colours we liked the best and then spotted some more ornaments but we asked the children to be very careful around those ones as they might get broken if they were knocked

We headed inside next to choose some seeds! All the children had a good look around at all the seeds that were available. They told us which they recognised and asked questions about some of the more unusual ones. Both 'W' and 'E' chose a packed of salad leaves to grow and I decided to get some fresh Pumpkin and Squash seeds too. I said to them I have lots of carrot and Sunflower seeds at home already but they can help me plant those too!!

After all that shopping we had just enough time to pop into the cafe and have a cake and drink! We had a lovely time chatting about the seeds each of the children had chosen and where they were going to be planted, in the garden or maybe at the allotments.

Characteristics of Effective Learning
All of the children enjoyed our trip to the Garden centre.They listened to the rules we set in place to keep them safe. Stay together and do not run around. They were engaged and interested to know about the different things that were sold in the garden centre. Asking what a compost bin was for and how a water butt worked. They made their own choices and selections when choosing seeds and shared their personal likes and dislikes. All of the children were focused and interested in learning about gardens and planting. 

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