Thursday, 13 March 2014

A Misty Morning at the Park

'W' and 'E' arrived after the school run this morning and asked if we could go out to the park today, "of course we can!!" On the way we thought we would knock on Pip's door and see if they wanted to come too, and they did!!

We started off with everyone on the swings, 'E' in the little ones, Pip's girls chose the big girl swings and 'W' headed straight to the tyre ones!

We pulled them forwards asking "higher? .......higher?" to their giggles and smiles before letting them fall backwards! Pip started showing the girls how to kick their legs back and forth so they kept on going!

'W' then spotted all the crunchy leaves left from Autumn laying all around the edges of the park, you can guess what happened next!!

Adults weren't safe with a camera either!

We had a great time throwing leaves around and after brushing off bits of leaves and picking slugs out of our hair we headed home for some lunch!

After lunches I thought we could do a little Spring activity with my new stamps! I pulled out some green paper, stamps and inks and off we went!

'E' spent a while trying to work out the order in which to stamp. She copied her brother and picked up a stamp putting it to the ink first, then having a look to see what happened.

She then put it straight onto the other ink colour before then again copying her brother and beginning to stamp the paper. She continued in this manor using the stamp between the inks and only occasionally stamping onto the paper. I demonstrated a couple of times to stamp the ink just once and then onto the paper "or the colours will get all mixed up!" After a while she began to understand and spent more time stamping on the paper, it's a tricky combination for little ones!

'W' and I did lots of stamping pictures, 'W' helped me out with my pictures "you missed a bit there Heather!"

Once we had lots of pictures between us I cut them up into strips and glued them in rings making Paper Chains to hang across the living room!!

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