Monday, 3 March 2014

St David's Day Painting!

Happy St David's Day!!

Today's activity is painting with leeks! A bit of fun doing a normal activity with unusual implements.
'E' and 'M' had a play with the leeks first. 'E' discovered she could peel back the fact she kept on peeling until there wasn't much left of hers!
 'M' was joining in for the sensory exploration but I don't expect her to have much awareness of what we were doing. She explored the leek too to start off with. She tried tasting it, it wasn't very nice!!
 Then the paints came out and off they went!
Dipping into the paint and making marks on the paper using gross motor movements

 'M' had discarded her leek soon after discovering she couldn't eat it so we went straight to finger painting!
I put some paint on the paper in front of her and encouraged her through demonstration to run her hands across it. She scratched at the paper a bit and wiped a bit with her hand but didn't make the conscious connection she was making marks, as expected.

 After a little time playing with the leeks 'E' got her hands in!!

 Does it smell??
 Great sensory exploration for her too!
We also did some resistance painting which was good fun. Pip and I cut out words from masking tape and the children could carry on their painting. For 'E' and 'R' we made their names and for 'M' we wrote one for her mum and dad!!

Characteristics of Effective Learning
This was a simple sensory exploration for 'M' as she is not yet connecting her movements with marks they leave on the paper. She was a bit dubious at first just scratching at the paper with one finger. She did eventually become more engaged wiping at the paint and feeling the paint in her fist but she quickly became bored.
'E' was much more engaged as she knows what painting is all about but the novelty of using different tools made it a bit more fun! She gave it a go with the leek before reverting to using her hands to get the full sensory experience smearing the paint all around, feeling it between her fingers and seeing the mix of colours.

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