Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Planting out Potatoes!!

A bit of a change to routine today as I was covering for Worms Eye View after she had a little accident at the beginning of the week!

But we took advantage of the slightly warmer weather and took the opportunity to get my potatoes in the ground! I had spent some time at the weekend weeding and digging in some fertiliser so it was all ready for planting.

The girls took turns digging holes for the potatoes. We spoke about where the holes needed to be so they were spaced out enough to grow but close enough so we could fit our 2 varieties in the one bed.

We looked where the shoots were starting to sprout out of the potato and that's how we know they are ready to get into the ground. We looked closely at the two varieties having different colour shoots, maybe they will be coloured potatoes?!!

We tucked each one into it's hole, making sure the shoots were facing up so they can start to grow up out of the earth

And then tucked them into 'bed' saying "night night Mr Potato!! Start growing for us now!"

We will visit our potatoes regularly to top up the soil, perhaps give them a drink and check on the progress!

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