Saturday, 22 February 2014

Bird Week!

This week was National Bird Nesting Week!
We spent lots of time in the garden looking for the birds that live nearby. W decided to bring out the binoculars so he could see them better "I'm a bird watcher man!" he called out

We tore up lots of seedy bread for them to eat. We made sure it was in small enough pieces so the bird could carry them off. "It would be very hard work for a little bird to carry a piece of bread that big" I said, so W helped his little sister E tear up her bits a little smaller.

I had found some good templates for birds online, we printed them out and decorated them. W wanted his bird to be completely coloured in "because birds are covered in colour"

Little E had a good go at making marks on hers too. I noticed she was occasionally changing her grip around from a full handed to a pincer grasp. Sometimes right at the top of the pen and other times close to the nib. She was exploring the different grips she could do, seeing which felt more comfortable but this does mean a pincer grasp is on it's way! We will make lots of time over the coming weeks for mark making so little E can practice her grasp.

We added some concertina wings and then it was time for our birds to have their first fly!

We returned to the garden to watch the birds for a bit. We spoke about needing to be still and quiet so we didn't scare the birds away. I drew the children's attention to the larger birds being on the feeding table...

....the smaller birds were more drawn to the coconuts with the fat mix in. We spoke about why this could be, do different birds like different foods like us?

We have enjoyed this week talking about the birds and other parts of nature, a lovely beginning to Spring which is *hopefully* just around the corner!!

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