Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Cause and Effect

One of 'M's favourite toys at the moment is this pop-up toy. With 4 different actions resulting in an animal appearing 'M' will sit for quite some time practicing the movements required.

She goes straight to the two push actions knowing which they are and that she can do them easily. She pushes the two buttons, then closes the tops, over and over. Making vocalisations and smiles as her action causes the same effect solidifying her knowledge of this toy.

After a little while she looks to me and i take it as a cue to join in, showing her slowly how to operate the remaining slide and twist actions. These two are quite tricky for little fingers and although she has tried she can't quite manage these two yet.

The next area that catches 'M's attention is the large building blocks. She roles/shuffles over and begins pulling them off the stand and watching as some role away, and others stay where they fell.
I come to join her building a short tower inviting her to help. This often results in the tower falling rather than any blocks being added to the top but she has understood my invitation to play

Another tower of blocks and what better way to further solidify her knowledge of cause and effect by knocking them down!! I demonstrate a couple of times and then she's got it and I can hardly get a tower built before she arrived to push it over watching the blocks scatter and babbling or giggling to show her enjoyment!

Characteristics of Effective Learning
At just 10 months 'M's knowledge of cause and effect is being tested and explored in any way possible. She is exploring objects around her to see what they do or what she can do with them. She is attempting to copy my actions to create the same effect but in some areas she doesn't quite have the motor control or strength yet.

Next Steps
- Continue to offer the pop-up toy as a regular resource for 'M' to explore and practice with
- Build on fine motor control and strength using smaller blocks to make towers
- Introduce some sensory bottles (perhaps with sound) to explore further how her actions have an effect on objects around her

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