Thursday, 10 April 2014

A Fun Morning at the Park!

Well it's the school holidays!!! And such lovely weather so what better way to spend the morning than just hanging out at the local park?!!

Pip brought along a couple of games and toys which were a big hit. A lot of time was spent with a stomp rocket, the children squealing as it shot into the air!
 She also brought along this cool new ball game which you needed to snap it closed as the ball came towards you, and then open it up again to throw the ball back. Much timing and co-ordination needed to get this right but some of the older ones managed it a few times!
 Lots of time on the swings!!
 With lots of silly faces!!!

 Siblings playing on the slide together
 And recently 'E' has taken to 'sliding' down this park of the park?! She bumps her bum on each of the steps for climbing up but she finds it hilarious and will go round to do it over and over!


 No one is safe!

Usually there is nothing better for kids than just being outside!

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