Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Baby 'M' Getting on the Move!

It's coming to the time when I usually send children's development folders home to share with their families. I try to do this each quarter, as although I try to make myself available for parents to speak to it is sometimes hard to find an opportunity when they don't need to rush off to work in the mornings, or just want to get home after a long day at work to spend some time as a family.
So I have found that sending the folders home each quarter gives parents the opportunity to have a good look through my observations, in their own time, and share anything they have noticed at home.

The biggest development for baby 'M' at the moment is her mobility!

When she joined my setting mid January 'M' was not yet secure sat on the floor. She would regularly topple over and became quite cross when she could not get up again.

Over our first few weeks together I made an effort each day for her to spend some time on the floor. I would lay down with her so we were face to face, we looked at books and I sang her songs. She was uncertain at first but as I smiled and used touch to reassure her we gradually increased the time she spent rolling and reaching.

I made an observation 25-02-14:
" 'M' was rolling on the floor today exploring toys. Rolling to her left side she got to her elbow, then pushed up to her hand and then sat up independently. I spoke to mum about it in the evening; this may have been the first time she sat herself up"

A following observation made 04-03-14
" 'M' is noticeably more confident on the floor today. She sat herself up a number of times - from her left side only. She spun herself around, whilst sitting, to face me. She is happier sat, reaching, occasionally rolling etc"

By 17-03-14 we visited our local Playbus and 'M' was stable to sit independently to play. I was able to move away from her to deal with another child when necessary, safe in the knowledge she would be sat safely and if she did topple over she would be able to get herself up again

Now here we are 08-04-14 and 'M's mobility is continuing to develop. From beginning spinning around to reach different objects to explore, she is now leaning and reaching on the spot. She rolls, stretches, shuffles and almost commando crawls, using one leg to push herself along. Mostly through sheer determination she can now get all around my living room!

I can't wait to see how her movement develops over the coming weeks!

Next Steps
- Place objects for 'M' to explore all around the room, some at slight heights, just peeking over maybe. An invitation to reach up high perhaps even pull herself up to a kneel or stand.
- Play some chasing games; gain her attention with a particular object and encourage her to move forwards to reach it.
- Expand her gross motor skill into other areas, introduce more self-feeding with tools; dip her spoon into yogurt. Provide and encourage objects which bang together, promote her hands meeting in the middle in a clapping motion.
- Introduce some challenges; uneven floors, obstacles for her to overcome, different environments and flooring


  1. Fabby post and love how you have shown the development time for this skill!

  2. Thanks Pip! I'm sure I will follow up with more as she starts pulling herself up.
    Mum and I were were discussing whether she was going to bother with crawling or just get straight on with walking!