Friday, 2 May 2014

Knights and Dragons Week!!

By special request of one of the children we decided to plan a big Knights and Dragons week of fun!! There were lots of activities taking place, some we even ran out of time and didn't get to do but here are some of the highlights from our week:

Lots of dress up and role play with older ones before school!

Small world play scenes which had been placed around the house

A playmobile set with lots of knights to scare off the dragon!!

A Castle set which was attacked by dragons many times!!

The children chose to bring out the big building blocks too to try and make a throne for our king!

Shhhhh!! There is a dragon sleeping under the stairs, he is protecting his treasure!!

We used the internet to look at shield designs and also Goblets that were used during grand feasts of the knights!

After seeing what we likes we made our own goblet designs ready to have a feast of our own!

Lots more role play and someone has woken the Dragon!!!

The Knights are here to protect us!

The Dragon is dead, horay!!

Time to enjoy a grand feast just like real Knights would after winning a battle

Don't forget to fill your goblets with wine!!
(Apple and Raspberry juice really but the children did feel very grown up!)

Well done everyone for trying something a bit new!

Next up, where would a Knight be without their trusty steed?!!

Painting the head

Quick break for a bit of pudding, jelly and sweet breads and don't forget a bit more wine!

Drawing on eyes and mouths for our horses...

Before putting it all together with a mop for a body!! Best hobby horses I've ever seen

We had a fantastic week exploring what life was like in the time of the Knights, we read books and used the internet, lots of role play and small world play. The children's imaginations were all amazing taking some activities in directions we would never think of!

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