Wednesday, 14 May 2014

More of Baby 'M's Moving!!

Since my last post about Baby 'M's movement here she has made some fantastic progress!!!

I find it fascinating the change in attitude babies have, as soon as they realise they are beginning to move the sheer determination to get themselves around is incredible and so developments are fast!!

Here are my most recent observation of 'M'

29-04-14 'M's crawling is coming along. She can now manage about 4 paces before she falls to the floor. Then will then commando crawl, wriggle, sit up and shuffle to get herself about! However the most impressive thing today was she managed to pull herself up!! Just for a moment before bumping back to the floor.

06-05-14 'M' is crawling!! She is still a bit wobbly at times; we have had a couple of bumps today as she stumbled. Her bum sometimes drops down towards the floor, (almost a Yoga move!) she has a little rest then is up and off again. Occasionally she changes to more of a crab crawl; using the foot of one leg, and the knee of the other leg but it gets her around great!! She has been continuing to attempt pulling herself up on furniture, not always successfully but the interest is there!

07-05-14 'M' attempted climbing up some steps today! It took a couple of attempts but she got up there. I did have to catch her as she went to sit up and would have toppled straight back off the step!

13-05-14 'M' is puling herself up everywhere! Using furniture or me! She is not able to stay standing for long, bumping back down to the ground. Her crawling is getting faster too, often choosing the use the more crab like crawling technique rather than on her hands and knees

All this development in such a short space of time, well done little 'M'!!

Characteristics of Effective Learning
'M' has shown much determination and perseverance in her developing movement. She has kept on trying after receiving little bumps and bruises or even getting stuck, determined to keep going to get what she wants! How she is choosing to crawl in a more 'crab like' fashion is not the most common approach but she has decided it works for her.

Next Steps
- Offer toys on a variety of levels encouraging 'M' to pull herself up and reach.
- Strategically place objects around the home to encourage a bit of cruising!
- Hold 'M's hands to 'walk' her along. Help to build more leg muscle for those first steps.
- Encourage her to climb up small steps and explore different levels
- Visit a soft play center where 'M' can climb and explore with freedom but with less risk of injury

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