Thursday, 5 June 2014

Potions Potions Potions!!

I have been doing a bit of cover for Pip recently, her boys have been sick or shes had a day off. It's a great benefit of living just down the road is that we can offer this additional cover for all our families!! All the kids know both me and Pip so well, it means parents aren't so 'boxed in' if one of us needs a day off!

The new messy play kitchen has been going down so well since it was introduced a few weeks ago and with all these older ones in the house the younger ones have had a major input of imagination!

Lots of different ingredients to be found in the kitchen and all around the garden

Some Army Men added to the mix?!

Great conversations going on all around, talking about what to add, what the potion is for, what it looks or smells like. The leadership skills shown by the older ones was lovely to see. Lots of taking turns and listening to each others opinions!

'W' in particular I noticed was absorbed into this play. Listening and taking his lead from the older children. He followed requests if he was asked to go get some more mud or another scoop of water or pull leaves from the hedge for "ingredients" Since this day (08-05-2014) 'W' has been transferring and expanding his play:

12-05-2014 Practicing what he has learnt in a different environment where different ingredients are available

16-05-2014 Back at home expanding his knowledge and passing it on to younger children, making 'Hot Chocolate' and "Potions that will turn you into a dog!" This time it was 'W' directing the play and asking the younger children to go get him ingredients!

05-06-2014 As I had more after schoolers join, the kitchen play evolved into more role play, making dinner for baby and although he was reluctant to play the role of 'mum' 'W' was often the one in the kitchen making tea or stirring stew for dinner.

Characteristics of Effective Learning
'W' began this journey by watching older children and then just having a go at it himself. He has experimented with different ingredients such as mud, grass and herbs, vegetables, tea bags and anything else often coming to ask me if I have any ingredients he could use. This experimental play rapidly became more thought out and took a place in his imaginative world. He thought creatively how he could use the kitchen area, although in their play he took the role of a child not 'mum or dad' he did a lot of cooking in the kitchen area.

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