Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Curtain Ring Tree

Seeing the beautiful weather we headed out to spent time in the garden taking a few toys with us. One that 'M' was immediately interested in is the Curtain rings and mug tree. This idea has been doing the rounds on a few social media sites recently, I’m not sure where the idea originally came from but it’s proving to be very popular with pre-walkers developing their hand-eye co-ordination.
I demonstrated a couple of times what to do and then she was straight into it, placing some on the top and on all arms she could reach. Seeing how many would fit on an arm before no more could fit!

After playing with these for a while, slowly and surely getting more confident and faster and hanging the hoops on 'M' went to one of her other favourite games of distributing and collecting.

Throwing the hoops and other items from the basket all around her, she then got some mobility practice collecting them all up again back into the basket. She played at this for some time before eventually getting bored and we headed inside for some lunch.
A lovely morning spent in the garden exploring some new toys made from loose parts you could find all around the house!

Characteristics of Effective Learning

Lots of observing 'M's fine and gross motor movements and control today. Once I had shown her what we were doing with the curtain rings she was determined to keep trying until she had mastered the skill. Exploring and testing how many hoops could fit on each arm and persisting in putting more on until she could see and understand why no more could fit! Creative thinking of inventing her own game, an extension of transferring objects between containers, she doesn’t just empty, she spreads objects all around to create a better challenge for herself!

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