Friday, 9 September 2011

A Few Days of Fruit!

I love this time of year, everything is so alive and beautiful before the cold winter arrives! Now is the time to find, forrage and store away for the cold winter months just around the corner.

To this end we've been spending some time doing just that!! In the last few days before the children were summoned back to school, we spent some time at a local farm picking some of the seasonal fruits on offer.
We managed to grab a few late season Strawberries, lots of Raspberries and Blackberries!
Then as we have a recent new addition to our little family....


....we stopped off to dig up some fresh carrots too!

With a quick stop off for a snack and some fun!

Today we decided to use up the last of our blackberries and some apples I had left over from my parents garden to make some fresh juice. We chopped it all up and let it stew while 'I' had her nap. When she woke she helped me strain off the juice and get it into bottles.

I did my usual trick of not measuring a thing and made it up as I went along. But loosely:
- Chop up all the fruit and put it in a pan with enough water to just about cover it
- Cook it all up until all the fruit is soft
- (Optional) Add just a little bit of sugar to take off some of the sourness, this depends on the fruit you've used really
- Strain all the pulp and put the juice into steralised bottles, preferably while it's still hot

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  1. oh yummy!!! i still have fruit from the farm to use! this would be a good way to use it and the boys would love it! Where did you get your strainer and bottles from?