Monday, 22 August 2011

Space Week - Part 2

We had a visit from later in the week to join in on the fun!
It's summer holidays at the moment so my nephews Brendan and Kenzie came along too, we had quite a house full!

We found another box to put together a third spaceship....but it actually ended up being Geoff from top the pair of them do make me laugh. Baby 'R' even climbed in for a ride!

Next we needed to finish making the laminated planets for the window display

Some writing practice for the names!

All finished!! It's a bit hard to see in this picture but we also put up some glow in the dark stars, it looks amazing when the sun has gone down in the evenings, unfortunately all the children have gone home by then so it's just for me!

My new space set was a big hit with everyone, even baby 'R' couldn't wait for her turn to have a play!

Another play with the sensory tray, 'C' used the spaceship arm to pick up the beans, great for fine motor skills!

Next we made some space scenes with card rockets on lollypop sticks!

With a little detour to decorate each other....


So that was our space week!  I had so much fun planning all these activities and loved watching the children all really get into it. I'm already planning our my next big theme!!

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  1. ahhh It was such a lovely day! Baby "R" had a fabby time exploring some new toys and the boys loved making Geoff!! Thanks!! xx