Monday, 1 August 2011

A few days in the garden...

We've been having some lovely weather over the last week so we've been spending as much time as possible in the garden. It's been such a lovely couple of days and just goes to show children don't need expensive toys to keep them entertained, all I provided was a tray of water, some paint brushes and other little bits and bobs....
'I' spent most of the day just painting the path with water, we took turns making swirls and lines and 'colouring-in' the shapes we had made. We explored the different sizes of brushes I had out, we had normal brushes and some foam ones too, making splodges and strokes and then filling the brushes with water and squeesing it out with our fingers.

The next day 'I' big brother 'C' came to play too..
This time we made some 'tracks' down the path and pretended to be trains running around the garden.

Then 'C' picked up the bucket and spade and went over to the 'mud corner' (soon to be my veg bed) and started some digging. I suggested he could make some 'mud-castles' which he found very funny. However his first try the castle collapsed, so we spoke about what I do to the sand when it's too dry and we want to make castles to which 'C' replied "oh yea, we add water!!"
So off he went to find a watering can! It worked much better this time and we had ourselves a very impressive mud-castle!!

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  1. great to get little minds thinking about the processes involved in building!