Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Garden Improvements

Last week my partner was out walking the dog and noticed a load of branches had been chopped off a tree near our house, after checking with the people who lived near by we grabbed them to start off a garden project I've been thinking about for a few months now!

We started with a big pile of branches...
And chopped them down to the main branches....
.....and smaller twigs.

We then started leaning the long branches together and tieing them in.....
I'll bet you know what we're making now!!
Then take all those other littler twigs and start weaving them in!

This is how far we got until running out of branches! We've also cut out a little sitting area to the side so I'm now on the look out for some tree stumps for the seating area, and more twigs/willow etc to finish off the walls!

Hoping to have it all finished by next spring and possibly start growing something over it for a bit of camouflage!

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