Thursday, 31 March 2011

A Spring Begining...!!

OK so I'm a little late to be blogging about the begining of spring...but the last couple of weeks have been a bit mad and stressful, not that I want to jinx it but we're quite likely moving house!!!! Only about a mile and a half down the road but it is quite a bit bigger soI can start advertising for spaces and be a lot more organised in my planning and preparation and generally have space to breath!!

I wont say any more because like I said I really don't want to jinx it but I'm soooooooo excited!!!

Anyway, to kick off our 'Spring' theme, in which I am including mini beasts, flowers, weather, and anything else that I can think of which comes to mind! I'm sure I've said before the majority of my childminding time at the moment is just for one little girl (20 months) so I sometimes feel quite limited on the 'activities' I can organise for her which are actually going to be of benefit and that she will understand. I was talking to my development worker about her today actually and we both think she is a very bright little girl so I'm going to start looking into activities aimed at around 2 years to see how she does. But this one I have to say she did enjoy...
Started off with making a little garden scene, complete with an army of ants martching through the grass...
...add a few flowers, and bugs of your choice. I laminated coloured in pictures but just as good would be little plastic animals, bit more life like aswell! And then let the creative play begin!!

This one took right off the page!! "flap flap flap flap"

It was really lovely playing with this, 'I' was trying to say 'butterfly' and 'dragonfly' and liked running her hands along the 'grass'. That was until her older brother arrived home from pre-school and decided he didn't want grass, so made his hands into a 'mower' and started cutting it all off.

I love seeing how kids change and adapt things you've set up for them, I always feel like I've got a bit more of an insight into how that child's mind works instead of just telling them how to play with things!!

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  1. i love how they change what you plan! But your right... it all gives you an insite in to what they like and how they are thinking!!
    Love the ants!!