Monday, 7 March 2011

Beads and Bobs...

So I was looking around the house the other day for something I could quite litterally throw together to make an activety when my eyes landed on my jewellery/sewing box, I popped it open and grabbed a load of beads, buttons, gems, thimbles, couple of jewellery boxes and anything else that looked colourful really.

The result...? An activety which kept Isabelle entertained and amazed for over half an hour, and for an 18 month old I thought it was quite an achivement!

Note,  this needs to be really closely monitored if they are still in the putting things in their mouth stage, things can dissapear into mouths or up noses very quickly!

She loved scooping the beads and buttons into smaller boxes and pouring them back, there were also a few bells which she fished out and shook next to her ear. She put the thimbles on and off my fingers and was amazed when I made a few buttons 'dissapear' from under a box lid and then re-appear from behind her ear.

I just love this age when everything is discovery, and new, and magical, theres no better way to re-connect with our own inner child than through a child close to us.


  1. Thanks for the great idea, my girls are bigger but will love this. Mich x

  2. Every child should have a button box!!

  3. It is indeed a fabulous age isn't it. Discovering and exploring and keeping mum and dad constantly on edge, LOL. It's the little things that usually keep them occupied for hours. Lovely pictures.

    CJ xx