Thursday, 3 March 2011


I have now decided our first theme is going to be Animals! I thought it would be a nice easy start and tie in nicely to the following theme of Spring/Easter towards the end of the month.

So we started off with making some flash cards which Isabelle just loved having a look at and practiced naming with huge smiles when she got it right
Then using the same flash cards (which we had doubles of) we played a pairing game putting them up on the wall. Isabelle was so proud when she managed to find pairs of ducks and turkeys all by herself!
Next we had a trip out to the library to find some interesting animal books
And then we took the puppy out for a walk!

Lovely animal filled day!


  1. ohhh lots of fun! i love going to the library bus to find books that match our themes!! Loving the maching cards!!

  2. Especially love the last picture! Very cute! Emma