Monday, 3 September 2012

New Arrivals!!

Oh I'm so excited about this, not a new child but some more new animals!!

A pair of baby Guinea Pigs!!

Over the last couple of weeks my partner Georgia has been getting to know a lady through facebook who runs a small animals rehoming center which it turns out is literally just around the corner from us at the lady's house! I had said to Georgia a few times about getting piggies, but she had never been really all that keen on them. However her mum then got a couple through another rehoming center run by my sister in law (this one however only really takes rabbits hence my mother-in-law ending up taking the Guinea Pigs!) and Georgia began warming to them. So after a bit of thinking, we decided to do some fostering!

And they are so lovely!! They are approximately 3 weeks old which sounds awfully young to be separated, but male piggies are fully mature at 3 weeks and so there is a chance they can get mum pregnant again which is not what a rehoming center is about at all!

They do love a bit of kale!

These two are not brothers but came from 2 litters born around the same time and the center managed to get them into bonded pairs for rehoming. Small animals can't really go to a forever home until around 8 weeks so we have these two cheeky boys for the next 5 weeks at least. Lots of handling and getting used to noise (which there isn't a shortage of during the day here) and people and hopefully they will be found a nice home soon!

Proving popular with the kids already!

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