Monday, 9 July 2012

Oylmpic Torch!!

Well it's been coming for quite some time, it's been pretty much everywhere already but we were still excited to see it coming through our home town!!

Baby 'A', little 'C' and I packed up some bits for a trip into town! We found a really good spot near the beginning of it's route through town so got front row seats!!
 Police escorts...lots of them!

 Coca-cola truck!!
 ummm...some people on scooters, not really sure what they were about...

 My boys sat watching just in amazement I think!
 This nice policeman stopped to say hello to the pre-school group across the road from us
 Baby 'A' was being kept amused by these blow up torches!


 There it is!!!

 Lots of security men!
It was very busy in town I'm glad we got a spot near the beginning!

After all the excitement we wondered down to the library to look at some books and then a quick drink and snack at a cafe in town, the boys were both pretty tired after all that so we went home for sleeps!

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  1. i didn't realise you had been to see the torch!! That's very exciting xx