Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Re-purpose, Re-use, RECYCLE!!!

This weeks treasure basket is all about recycling!!

The basket itself is made from newspapers folded into strips and then woven together. Not everything is pictured above but the basket includes:
- Old yoghurt pots
- Cardboard boxes
- Shredded paper
- Old curtain hoops with bits of ribbon tied on
- Cardboard boxes with beans in 
- Milk bottles
- Old herb jars
- Couple of discovery bottles
.....any other interesting bits I came across in the week!

There are all sort of interesting things to enliven the senses; different textures to feel, sounds to hear and even smells to discover!

Smells from the herb jars
Sounds from the musical instruments
Pots to put things in
More boxes to explore
Crunchy newspaper to feel and hear

Such simple things can be such discovery opportunities for little innocent eyes!

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  1. Looks like lots of fun and cheap to make too! Great post! thanks x