Sunday, 25 March 2012

One Garden Project Completed.....Almost

I'm so so so happy with the *nearly* finished article!

Last September I blogged ( about the beginnings of the children's corner emerging in the garden, well I got offered some willow from a friend of my mother-in-law to start filling in the sides of the den, although I need LOTS more to get it filled in completely.

We had lots of help from my father-in-law this weekend to finish taking up the grass, we made the area a lot bigger than I had first intended but I think it needs to be this big, we made a little hill at the back from some of the grass sods for the children to climb/sit/roll down, I'm going to scatter some wild flower seeds back there too so this summer there will be lots of sensory sights and smells!

We then dug over the ground to make it a bit more even, lay down some wet newspapers as I had read somewhere this was good for deterring weeds etc, and then spread bark chips out. I think I need to get a couple more bags though as it's a pretty thin covering in some areas.

Also managed to get my hands on some big logs (in-laws again, they cut down their big Eucalyptus tree last autumn) for a seating area. And I have to say again I'm so loving it I wish I was a child again, I'd be out there playing all day!!

I've got lots of sweet peas and some mange tout starting off which I think I'll have growing up the den for some camouflage (and a healthy snack) this summer!

Still to do
- More bark chips for a thicker floor covering
- Find some more willow to fill in the walls
- Oh and I also need to finish painting my chalk boards for some outdoor mark making!!
- OH!! I also want to make a bug pile somewhere, as Eucalyptus doesn't support bug life I'll need to pick another spot to make them a little home

Bring on the Summer!!!!!

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  1. it is lots of fun!!! we enjoyed our play in it!