Monday, 25 July 2011

New Introductions

Welcome to my new home! We've lived here for about 2 months now, (still haven't had a house warming party though) and things are really comming together. We've been given permission to paint providing we keep it fairly neutral and they've said we can do whatever we want in the garden!

Starting with the living room which is a very good size, it was an easy decision to simply cut the room down the middle to have child and grown up areas
Done very easily with this large storage unit so the children can all reach what they want to play with with little assistance from the grown ups.
A more permanent area for drawing etc
Play kitchen
Montessori Shelves!
I've wanted this for SOOOO long I'm so happy I now have a dedicated area to have series of montessori activities out all day long! More blogging will be comming soon on this area!

The garden is a total blank canvas and I'm so excited about it!! Currently limited to a sand pit, the beginings of a bed, uneven ground and very weedy grass! So now the house is more or less organised this is my big project for the rest of summer and into autumn to get the garden sorted. The garden measures approximately 8 feet by about 12 so the possibilities are endless!!

My current plans are to keep the left side primarily for children as this is where the shade is most of the day.
I'm currently working on a permanent chalk board to be fixed to the fence on the left, not just for chalking but also painting and other messy outdoor activities. Then I do want to keep a lot of lawn for riding toys etc but it does need a bit of TLC at the moment. I know someone who is in the process of taking down a large tree from their garden so I'm expecting some log stump seats hopefully some time soon!!

The main bed is being worked on in the far right corner of the garden, it's very sandy so the kids are enjoying digging and playing in there as much as everywhere else at the moment, I'm sure they wont be happy when I tell them they have to stop but we'll be doing lots of planting and things so they will get to have an input!

One area that isn't shown in the picture is in the left corner by up by the house we're making a large rabbit run. my bunny sadly died 3 weeks ago. We had her for 6 years, the children loved her as much as I did and we were all very sad but it didn't take me a second to decide I wanted to have more. So we just need a few more weekends of nice weather and a bit of 'spare' money to go get some posts and wire and we'll have bunnies again!!

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