Monday, 27 June 2011

A New Home...Finally!!

My blogs have been very much lacking over the last month or so, but I have a very good reason....

Finally, there were some delays, we had a date then it got moved and it was all a little stressful. We didn't really get into the house until the begining of June which has meant we have missed 90% of the growing season but we've discovered we have VERY sandy soil so the flower/veg bed needs a lot of work before we can get anything started.

I am Childminding, and the kids LOVE all the extra space there is now, and I love not having to bring all the toys down the stairs each morning!

But back to the garden, I have plans formulating in my mind of what I want to do, we face sort of East so the back garden is getting sun all day long which is lovely, I just have to start deciding on what I want to do. It all started with veg veg veg...but I'm now thinking I would like some flowers and colour so I'm thinking companion plants to keep the creepy crawlies away but get the best of both worlds. And as luck would have it, it's my Birthday mid August so I'm asking everyone for soil enrichment and/or labour to dig it in. I think it will be a case of 'All hands on deck' so I can then hopfully start getting some structural bits in for Autumn.

More to come soon....

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