Monday, 21 February 2011

Welcome to Heather's Childminding!!

So I'm finally up and running!

And so excited to get working, after having nearly 2 years out of full time work, I've been spending my time voulenteering with a friend who was already a childminder and helping out at a local pre-school. This has given me great experience of seeing how these two different environments offer their childcare service.

So now after a few shopping trips and faaaarr too much being put on the credit card, (not to mention all the first aid, business regestering, Ofsted visits, policy writing, risk assessments and huge amount of paperwork to be sorted out....) I feel like I'm at a good point with a reasonable amount of resources to get started.

This is the base area where we sit for lunch and snacks, and all table based play. As it's small and light weight I also move this table into the kitchen for cooking and more messy play!

Whats available for play...?

You have to have the classics

Who's for pizza??

...and a slice of cake?

Puzzle table

Story space

and lots of opportunities to be arty and creative!

I've also got lots of bit and peices for easter all ready to go and HUGE amounts of fun seasonal activities formulating in my mind!

So all this and more will be comming soon!!!

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  1. OOOH Heather! I love all your fabby wooden toys!! I have been eyeing up that wooden cake stand too!!

    Great to see you up and running and I know your going to be Fabby at it! My boys love coming to play!

    Added you to my fave blogs and looking forward to reading more posts and possibly nicking some ideas!