Wednesday, 5 October 2011

A Quiet Morning

After such a beautiful few days the weather has definately taken a turn back towards Autumn, but we've had a lovely chilled day none the less.
A morning full of farm play, baby 'L' and 'I' were playing together lovely today, 'I' has had some jealousy issues over the last few weeks so it was really nice to see them playing together again.
Then a trip out to the park for some fresh air and a play! There is a long line of trees down the side of the park which were showering their crunchy leaves down on us, we just couldn't resist walking through and kicking them back up in the air!
After lunch we put baby 'L' down for a sleep and had some story time with 'I'. I read the story first then 'I' announces "my turn" and sits to read the book herself reciting words or phrases she remembers.


  1. Looks like a lot of fun had by all, and glad to see those new silks being enjoyed! See I told you you needed them! What will we do now the boot sales have stopped :-(

  2. They are very useful, but 'I' did spend a lot of the day taking our 'pond' and using it as a scarf lol. I'm thinking of going up to Finmere one weekend it's not raining. It would be an early morning for you guys but your welcome to come with us!