Sunday, 19 December 2010

Childminding Start-Up

I'm so excited!! I love the run up to Christmas every year but this year has been just a little more exciting. I had my initial registration meeting with Ofsted last week and the lady said she thinks I'm going to have a lovely setting!!

I've got most of the paperwork in place already (which there is a LOT of), I need some more resources, but I knew that. Not having any children of my own (yet) means I only currently have limited hand-me-down toys from friends and family just so the kids have something to do when they come visit.

But other than that she liked the approach I have to childcare, wanting to provide really good quality, child focused care. I can't wait!!!

So in a bit to start getting ready I'm thinking about resources resources resources!!

I've been quite creative this year with Christmas prezzies (to be blogged about soon) so feeling quite creative all over I though why stop there?! So today I started making some felt numbers and simple mathmatical signs, I can't say I'm the best sewer in history but they will hopefully survive for a little bit to serve a purpose!!

Getting an early start on my educational resources!! I'm thinking about some letters too....but it could be an awful lot of effort for things that are only going to last a few months...I'll find some wooden ones on ebay instead!

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  1. I love your felted toys and will be copying some of your ideas....... or possibly speaking very nicely to you about making them lol!!!